Benefits of Our Tea

The following teas are available at the Finger Lakes Tea Shop and other Area Shops:

Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-600 White Tea White Tea Delicate and floral, sip this tea with your full attention and you will be rewarded with subtle, peaceful pleasure Herbal, Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Antioxidant, cooling, and protects against cancer. Slight fermented, smooth texture.
FLT-601 Pu-Erh Black Tea A walk in autumn woods, wrapped in the warmth of a sturdy wool jacket, breathing in the damp crisp air the color of the tea like fallen leaves crackling underfoot, and the aroma reminding you of the fallen log where you paused. Herbal, Sweet, Tangy, Warm/Comforting Strong tea, aids digestion, reducing blood pressure, fat, and cholesterol.
FLT-602 Green Tea Green Tea The joy of drinking this Fragrant Green Tea comes not only from the knowledge that it is good for you but also that it tastes delicious — as refreshing as walking along the seashore listening to the surf, and feeling the sea breeze in your hair. Herbal, Brisk, Tangy, Cool/Refreshing Antioxidant rich, protects against heart disease, stroke and cancer.Diuretic, stimulant, Anti-aging, lowers cholesterol. Antibacterial, Weight loss, Anti-radiation.
FLT-603 Relaxing Bouquet Jasmine, Osmanthus, Rose As fragrant and as warm as your favorite memories.This flower tea is relaxing any time when you need a break. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Promotes Healthy Skin, Improves Circulation.
FLT-604 Snappy Red Balm Red tea, Ginger Ginger adds zing to the zesty briskness of this red tea. Flowery, Fruity, Tangy, Warm/Comforting Weight loss, warming.
FLT-605 Oo-la-la Oolong Balm Oolong tea, Osmanthus Fragrant osmanthus blossoms by themselves are reminiscent of the slight mustiness of high quality olive oil. When added to this oolong the effect is magical: the sweet milky peach/apricot flavor of the flower complements and enhances that of tea—a true case of the whole being significantly greater than the sum of the parts. Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Reduce hoarse voice caused by inflamed throat.
FLT-606 Jazzy Red Balm RedTea, Rose, Jasmine Spirited and fun, yet enchanting and relaxing all of these words describe the warm and happy feelings this tea gives you. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Warm/Comforting Beautify skin, reduce fat, weight loss, relieves stress.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-607 Good Life Bouquet Rose, Hibiscus (Roselle), Peach Blossom A warm floral bouquet with hints of fruit that satisfies your senses and brings calm to a busy day.while the slight piquancy of peach and hibiscus keeps you from being lulled into sleep. Flowery, Fruity, Sweet, Tangy, Warm/Comforting Promotes beautiful skin and healthy circulation.
FLT-608 Sweet Green Balm GreenTea, Buckwheat Caramel-like buckwheat added to this tea brings out the green tea’s surprisingly sweet herbal flavors. Herbal, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/Refreshing Refreshes.
FLT-609 Lapsang Souchong Red Tea Sparkling and spicy, this tea brings you a pine wood’s fresh breeze in a cup. Woody, Spicy, Tangy, Warm/ Refreshing Anti-cancer, anti-age, anti-oxidant, settles stomach, help lower blood pressure, blood sugar.
FLT-610 Magnolia Magnolia The flavor of this flower is lemon-tinged and floral, fresh and lush at the same time. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/Refreshing Relieves sinus congestion.
FLT-611 Kunlun Snow Daisy Kunlun Snow Daisy An amazing color and flavor emerge from this flower: honey, caramel, vanilla and more—so complex and so satisfying! Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Reduces blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids.
FLT-612 Harmony Bouquet Peach Blossom, Lemon Slice, Lily A subtly sweet treat, coolly fragrant and creamy, perfect after a meal or just by itself. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/Refreshing Firm skin, reduce wrinkles, ease constipation.
FLT-613 Sparkling Bouquet Jasmine, Rose, Mint, Goji Berry A sparkly combination of flowers and fruit that wakes up your taste buds with its lusciousness. Flowery, Fruity, Tangy, Cool/Refreshing Nourishes body, promotes circulation& eases stress.
FLT-614 Dynamic Bouquet Mint, Violet, Jasmine, Winter sweet By turns shy and bold, this bright and refreshing combination will encourage you to face your world in a dynamic and harmonious manner. Flowery, Herby, Tangy, Brisk, Cool/Refreshing Cooling, relieve fever, thirst, body aches.
FLT-615 Glorious Morning Bouquet Lemon Slice, Nasturtium A cool, bright and ever-so-refreshing tea just right for a caffeine-free morning. Flowery, Tangy, Brisk, Cool/Refreshing Improves digestion, help weight loss.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-616 Bedtime Bouquet Lavender, Chamomile Sweet and fragrant, this classic restful blend will soothe you gently into sleep.Add honey for extra depth of flavor. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Sedative, eases stress.
FLT-617 Blissful Bouquet Rose, Apple Blossom All the delight of wandering through an apple orchard in full bloom and the peace of sitting in a rose garden are brought together in this exquisite flower tea. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/Refreshing Helps weight loss, promotes glowing skin.
FLT-618 Celebration Bouquet Goji Berry, Dried Tangerine Peel The warm tang of the dried tangerine peel brings out the raisin-like taste of the goji berry for joyous warm fruit all the way! Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Promotes blood circulation, good for kidney.
FLT-619 Good Morning Bouquet Chrysanthemum, Nasturtium, Lily The nasturtium’s peppery flavor—‘nasturtium’ means ‘nose-tweak’—blends delightfully with the slight pungency of chrysanthemum and the coolness of lily…a wonderful wake-up blend with no caffeine. Flowery, Tangy, Sweet, Cool/Refreshing Detoxes, cools.
FLT-620 Down-to-Earth Balm Pu-Erh(Black Tea), Rose Warm and earthy, yet curiously refreshing Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/refreshing Relieve stress, calm nerves and emotions.
FLT-621 Bright Earth Balm Pu-Erh(Black Tea), Dried Tangerine Peel By turns bright and earthy, this combination will center your day. Fruity, Tart, Tangy, Warm/refreshing Weight loss.
FLT-622 Tangy Red Balm Red Tea, Lemon Slice Begin your day with this tea, and you will be able to focus clearly on what you need to do. Fruity, Tart, Tangy, Warm/refreshing Weight loss.
FLT-623 Rose Red Balm Red Tea, Phnom Penh Rose An update on a traditional combination, this tea is effervescent yet still calming. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/refreshing Moisten lung, beautifying skin, protect stomach.
FLT-624 Dancing Red Balm Red Tea, Peach Blossom, Mint Leaves This tea will make you feel like dancing through your day (and night!) Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Warm/ refreshing Freshens breath, good for diabetes.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-625 Go-go Red Balm Red Tea, Goji Berry Healthy and energizing, this tea will make your day. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Good for kidney, protect eyes.
FLT-626 Sweet Memories Oolong Balm Oolong Tea, Forget-Me-Not Drinking this tea will bring back mellow memories that linger happily through your day. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Antiviral, anti cancer.
FLT-627 Garden Green Balm Green tea, Rose,, Peach Blossom This tea brings you a walk in a garden still fresh with dew. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Skin toning, intestine clearing.
FLT-628 Oo-la-la Green Balm Green Tea, Osmanthus This tea is so delicious it seems slightly naughty! Fruity, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Lower blood pressure, helps dizziness.
FLT-629 Luscious Green Balm Green Tea, Longan Two traditionally healthful ingredients in one luscious tea! Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Anti-radiation, Ease fatigue, Refresh.
FLT-630 Jazzy Green Balm GreenTea, Jasmine, Rose As kaleidoscopic as a jazz riff, this tea will brighten your day with spirited delight. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Reduce fat, beauty skin.
FLT-631 Mellow Green Balm Green Tea, Chrysanthemum Hints of autumn and spring blend together in his all-season favorite. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Cooling.
FLT-632 Sweet Memories Green Balm Green Tea, Forget-Me-Not This tea will wake you up to the joys of the day and its happy memories. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Reduce acne, freckles.
FLT-633 Wake-Me-Up Bouquet Chamomile, Mint Leaves, Rose A caffeine-free way to perk up your morning and carry you through the day. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Aids digestion, calms irritability.
FLT-634 Classic Bouquet Chamomile, Mint Wake up your day with this classic caffeine-free blend. Flowery, Sweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Treat constipation, soothe stomach.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-635 Subtle Bouquet Goji Berry, Buckwheat The flavors of this tea are subtle yet comforting, easing you into a good night’s sleep. Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Good for kidney.
FLT-636 Cornucopia Bouquet Goji Berry, Longan, Chrysanthemum Now flowery, now fruity, this tea brings you an abundance of pleasure with each sip. Flowery, fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/comforting Cooling brightens eyesight help kidneys, calm emotion, treat dry eyes.
FLT-637 Reverie Bouquet Jasmine, Violet, Apple Blossom This tea will carry you away to distant shores of fresh delight. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool, /refreshing Enrich blood, nourish liver and stomach, lightens skin.
FLT-638 Fresh Fields Bouquet Lavender, Violet, Winter sweet This tea brings you on a walk through fresh fields of flowers, now one and now another wafting its scent. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Relieve thirst and depression.
FLT-639 Elation Bouquet Peach Blossom, Lemon Slice Lift your spirits and feel the joy when you sip this tea. Flowery, Tart, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Weight loss.
FLT-640 Dreamland Bouquet Goji Berry, Chrysanthemum A riff on your bedtime tea, designed to bring you gently into sleep. Flowery, fruity, Sweet Mellow, Cool/comforting Enrich blood, protect eyes.
FLT-641 Sunshine Bouquet Lavender, Jasmine Each sip of this tea is warm and bright, like sitting in a summer garden. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Relieve stress and fatigue .improve sleep.
FLT-642 Yummy Bouquet Winter sweet, Buckwheat Both piquant and toasty, this tea will fascinate your taste buds. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, tangy, Cool/comforting Alleviate hoarse voice.
FLT-643 Soothing Bouquet Aloe, Rose Delicate and gentle, this tea will make your day that much more calm. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/comforting Detox, reduce wrinkles, and help weight loss.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-644 Sweet Retreat Bouquet Violet, Osmanthus Enjoy this calming tea curled up with a book in your favorite retreat. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Relieves cough.
FLT-645 Bouncing Bouquet Violet, Mint Leaves, Lavender Now you taste this and now you taste that the flavors of this tea change with each sip! Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Detox, sore throat, relaxed.
FLT-646 Lively Bouquet Jasmine, Mint Leaves, Chamomile Chamomile isn’t just for bedtime! This tea is great for perking you up any time of day. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Refreshing, cooling, soothing nerves.
FLT-647 Mellow Black Balm Pu-erh (black tea), Mini Chrysanthemum This tea is like a quiet walk in autumn woods; add the quintessential autumn flower, chrysanthemum and the effect is even more satisfying and peaceful. Flowery, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/Comforting Clears skin, weight loss.
FLT-648 Cozy Balm Red Tea, Longan, Goji Berry: Warm and friendly, this tea will help erase your cares and bring you quiet pleasure. Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Enhance immunity, anti-age, strength body.
FLT-649 Bitter Tea Bitter Tea Unusually bitter, but hiding under the bitterness you will find an amazingly sweet clean flavor. Herby, Bitter, Cool/Refreshing Cooling and detoxifying, sore throat, cold, flu, weight loss, reduce blood pressure & aid circulation.
FLT-650 Ginger Ginger Bright and tangy, fresh and spicy, a ginger tea will wake up all your senses. Fruity, Sweet, Tangy, Warm/Refreshing Aids in nausea, diarrhea, and digestion. May assist in preventing colds.
FLT-651 Lotus Germ Lotus Seed A subtle aroma wafts from your cup, and as you drink this tea, its complex flavors linger and delight. Herby, Bitter, Tangy, Cool/Refreshing Slows aging process, good for the heart, calms, cools, helps insomnia, stops chronic diarrhea, anti-inflammatory.
Item NO. Name Blend Character Flavor profile Benefits
FLT-652 Honeysuckle Honeysuckle An amazing flavor, subtle yet spicy, bitter yet sweet, it lingers on your tongue and in your memory. Flowery, Bittersweet, Tangy, Cool/comforting Reduce fever, early stage flu, heatstroke, sore throat, and infections.
FLT-653 Traditional Red Red Tea A distinctive tea in the best traditions of China teas, approachable yet noble. Flowery, Herby, Sweet, Mello, Warm/Comforting Sweeter taste, Anti-cancer, settles stomach, Anti-aging.
FLT-654 Oolong Oolong Tea Bright and fresh, yet sweet and mellow, this tea is like a walk in a field of daisies on a spring day. Flowery, Herby, Bittersweet, Mellow, Cool/Refreshing Combines visual and aromatic appeal of black tea with refreshing sensation of green tea.
FLT-655 Wild Tea Green tea The tea among teas, its rich brown liquor promises an adventure in aroma and flavor that brings you back to the very beginning of tea tradition. Herby, Bittersweet, Tangy, Cool/refreshing Wild tea grows on a high mountain where the tea leaves are picked before the rainy season. It is the traditional Qingtian Style tea making process. (Antioxidant rich, lowers cholesterol, Weight loss, and help for diabetes.)
FLT-656 Purple Tea Purple Green Tea A green tea with all the benefits but none of the bitterness! Herby, Sweet, Mellow, Cool/refreshing Rich in anthocyanidin. Antioxidant rich, protects against heart disease, stroke and cancer.Diuretic, stimulant, Anti-aging, lowers cholesterol. Antibacterial, Weight loss, Anti-radiation.
FLT-657 Peaceful Purple Purple Red Tea with Longan A warm calm happy feeling will envelop you when you sip this exquisitely delicate yet rich tea. Fruity, Sweet, Mellow, Warm/comforting Rich in anthocyanidin. Antioxidant rich, protects against heart disease, stroke and cancer.Anti-radiation, Ease fatigue, Refresh, Improve memory.